Smart phones are springing up everywhere, ever since the iPhone was introduced. Many phones are on the market and each of them has something different to off consumers. A great smart phone to one person may be a horrible one to another. There are many uses to a smart phone so depending on what someone finds important might be the basis of their preference over one phone from the other.

Smart phones are like mini computers that offer phone service. A smart phone is a mobile phone that offers PC type options, you can surf the web, link to all kinds of social networks, and it has an external USB keyboard and has multiple opportunities for application developers.

There are several smart phones on the market; one is the HTC Hero Smart phone. It is a great phone that TELUS has developed. It has lots of applications attached to the Android market. You can use social sites such as Google, face book, Google talk, flickr, and HTC peep. You can also access someone`s entire information such as email, status update, and call history right on the same page. Another great feature is that you can change the face of the phone to suit your particular need and it can be done several times a day.

The Nokia N97 has lots of advantages to it. It has touch screen technology and a full QWERTY keyboard. It has a 32 GB and an internal flash memory. It supports 3G and is WiFi accessible. It has blue-tooth, GPS and 5 mega pixels. It is an unlocked phone however some complain that the applications are a bit out dated.

The T-Mobile with Google has a touch screen, Blue-tooth, WiFi access, 3G network and 3.2 mp. It is a light phone that looks great.

The Motorola Droid is also a great new smart phone. It has a large 3.7 inch screen with 16 million hues for color and 440 times 1854 of pixels. The color is bright, crisp and clear. samsung galaxy tab a The web is quick and easy to use and it has lots of applications. It has an Android 2.0 update that makes it new and popular. The phone is black and shinny and very elegant looking.

When you buy a smart phone you can purchase one from any electronic store or phone company. They are the newest popular type of phone and will have a huge display modeling the different ones. You can also buy one from the internet or even buy a phone on a buy and sell web page if you`re looking for a good deal. Phone companies also offer special deals when you sign up with a contract for a year or two or sometimes three.

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